08 February 2012

Ujibakat Terbuka Pengambilan Artis Budaya Jabatan Kebudayaan Dan Kesenian Negara

Join OPEN auditions taking JKKN Culture Artists (Musicians) tomorrow, 8 and 9 February 2012 is located at Level 24, MAS Building in Jalan Sultan Ismail, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm (registration of participants for the audition). Do not forget to bring along the original documents such as identity cards, resumes, and 4R-sized photographs and musical instruments. Among the conditions for recruitment such as: -

1. Malaysian citizens aged 18-30 years.
2. Healthy body, sane and not handicapped.
3. Minimum requirements Malaysia Certificate of Education (SPM) or equivalent.
4. Can read and write well, as well as fluent in Malay.
5. Have knowledge in the field of music.
6. Be gifted and talented in playing modern or traditional musical instruments.
7. Can communicate well.
8. Skills in reading music notes are the advantages of the participants.
9. Drug abuse is not involved with.
10. One-year contract with JKKN.

No Degree Jobs?

Did your parents tell you that if you want to secure a good job and earn a high-paying salary, you have to go to college and earn the right degree? While this may be true for many careers, going to college isn’t always an option. It’s very expensive, time-consuming and you may not wish to wait so long to get the benefits of years of studying.There are, however, many jobs that pay well and favor experience and hard work instead of degrees. That’s not to say you can just waltz in and work. You still need some experience and training, but you won’t spend all that time and money in school.
Here are 10 jobs not requiring a degree that you might want to try out.
1. Home Aides Supervisor
2. Casino Gaming Manager
3. Ship Captain
4. In-flight Service Manager
5. Illustrator
6. Locomotive Engineer
7. Real Estate Broker
8. Air Traffic Controller
9. Elevator Repairer
10. Web Surfer